Gmail is a free email service that’s offered by Google and the company started offering e-mail accounts to a select group of beta testers back in 2004. It wasn’t until 2007 that Gmail was offered to the general public. When it was first launched, it became well-known for offering a gigabyte of email storage space that was absolutely free. That amount was not only more than any other competing services but was also unprecedented although users did receive ads within their messages that were based upon keywords in their messages.


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Web-Based & 15 Gigabytes

Since 2013, Google has been regularly expanding their users’ free storage space to 15 gigabytes as well as allowing them to rent more space up to two terabytes). And, right from the beginning, possibly Gmail’s most appealing feature has been the fact that it’s Web-based, therefore any user can access his or her email from their smartphone, computer, or virtually any Internet-enabled device.

Gmail also gives their users an e-mail address that’s completely independent of a specific Internet service provider (ISP), making it easy to sustain a permanent address.


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Almost 2b Active Users Per Month

By 2016, Gmail had one billion+ active users each month and today, Google offers several basic types of user Gmail accounts to buy or for free; consumer user accounts, managed user accounts, and Gmail PVA accounts, which are Mobile Verified Accounts. And, if you have a company, large or small, there’s no question that you should look into bulk Gmail accounts for sale for your business.

In fact, you should already be using Gmail accounts on a variety of social networks for promoting your business. If not, you should look into verified Gmail accounts for sale today. You can buy Gmail PVA accounts for Digital Marketing and PPC campaigns on all of the major social platforms. And, this type of account helps with creating accounts on all kinds of websites using off-page SEO submissions. In addition, Gmail PVA accounts are excellent for creating email marketing campaigns.