What is the key metrics need to improve if you diver mass emails?


Usual measurements of email deliverability include bounces, clicks, complaints and opens. Also there are tools such as postmaster data panel, big data accounts and public blacklists. As a whole, these methods and measurements help us to glean an overall picture of the deliverability and success of our emails. But, how do we continue to accurately monitor and evaluate mail deliverability?


There is an increasing number of senders that reach these requirements but still struggle to reach a high level of deliverability and success. This is perhaps not surprising. There is a huge range of tools available that allow senders to alter the underlying figures without it being necessary to change their normal practice.

To make things even more difficult and complicated, some tools help to manipulate both open and click rates through following every link in an email. Some ISPs do not send all of the spam messages to their FBL. Some analytical methods such as probe accounts are often inaccurate and biased in a time where personalised delivery is based on activity. It is clear that many of these metrics and measurements are outdated and no longer accurate.


Thus, many of our methods of analysing mail deliverability and reach are pointed at outdated systems. Much of these standard measurements and metrics are now outdated and need to be updated to comply with modern advances and changes. These methods and measurements were designed to give us information and insight into an email delivery system that no longer exists. It is necessary to determine what metrics and measurements we should use in the future to suit changing systems.

We need to find a means to effectively monitor the deliverability and success of our address collection processes. How do we continue to monitor the success and deliverability of our address collection methods and mail streams? We must continue to stay up to date with changes and updates of modern mail streams and adapt our approach to their changes.


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We on Accsfosale.com have recently told several clients, especially ESP customers, to consider how their consumers or audiences are accepting or receiving their mail. If they notice temp flaws or failures and whether specific mail streams are responsible for these failures. It is largely too early to tell whether this is an effective way to measure deliverability for ESP compliance purposes. However, it is, without doubt, a helpful way of identifying flawed or problematic mail delivery systems or mail streams. It also helps my brand customers in making adjustments to their emails to ensure they get to their clients’ inboxes.


What we know for sure is that those of use in the realm of deliverability need to keep continually and consistently innovating mail delivery systems. We need to continue to come up with new and innovative ways of measuring mail deliverability to stay in touch with the updates and changes around us. As mail filters and mail stream services evolve, we must evolve our knowledge and approach too.